Chairman's Message-Cang Hai Nuclear Equiment Technolgy


Chairman's Message

Dear leaders, ladies and gentlemen, all the sea of ​​people:
        Over time and with age. After twenty years of trials and hardships, the exploration of the twenty years endeavor, twenty years of development, Canghai become a listed enterprise with largest scale and vitality from a small private factory.All embodies the Canghai people's collective wisdom and the trust of users. During the development of twenty years,Our Canghai People composed the unique enterprise chapter with industrious sweat.
        During twenty years, Canghai keep up with the trend of The Times, with unrelenting and enormous determination and perseverance, devoting to practice with lots of difficulty. We gain the win in opportunities and become strong in the competition. Canghai gain many times concern and affirmation from leader of provincial and ministerial-level. During twenty years great-leap-forward development, Canghai become a biggest and highest quality fitting enterprise. Rely on the abundant qualification and technical strength, capacity of manufacture of fitting and pressure vessel with all kinds of diameter, material and type, especially high performance, large diameter, cladding material, special material fitting, supply lots of products to west to east gas transfer and large nuclear power plant project. Our goods  withstood the test of time and gain customers’ recognition and praise.
        In the face of the new normal of economy, Canghai analyzes the situation seriously and meets the challenge imperturbably. Canghai strengthens strategic scheme to  get ahead start to enter the high-end market as the new marketing strategy.At the same time, Canghai establishes Hebei Piping components technology institute,lists in new three board and construct ODF production line.Capital market power forward, Research institute strong technical support, industry chain extension, Strategic partner business connection,all these promote the core competitiveness and lay a solid foundation of great-leap-forward development.
       Till now, the development of Canghai carries your deep friendship and trust. Because of the friendly cooperation,mutual trust,our company stands out and wins one after another brilliant.On behalf of board of directors, thanks for our friends and cooperative partner. It is your support to give us strong motivation. We will provide higher value-added products and more high quality service.
       Big stone of mountains build the Great Wall. The river affluxes the sea.
       Let us with a new attitude, sincere cooperation, mutual win-win situation, to join hands in creating a more brilliant future.

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