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The effect of professional skills training is remarkable

time:2015/4/27 16:20:15
Company personnel for a period of 15 days of professional knowledge training

The news (office Li Nannan): from 1 to 15 August, our company invites Yanshan University metal professional Zhan Quan Cui professor for the relevant staff of the company for a period of 15 days of professional training, the main teaching metal material heat processing and welding technology and other professional courses, received a significant effect.

Professor Department of metal materials science and engineering, Yanshan University, Mr. Zhan Quan Cui, for decades, has been engaged in the teaching of the professional machining and metal materials, won the honorary title of Hebei Province Colleges and universities teaching masters, Hebei Province, pacesetter and so on, is national materials science, person in charge of the provincial teaching team.

The training, chief engineer Meng Qingyun, production minister Zhao Tiezhong, Wang Pengfei and other related leadership and related professionals a total of 48 people participated in the study. After the training, all the staff participated in the training of the graduation exam, more than 80% of the results of the staff, excellent ".

The training effect is obvious. The trainees improved the accuracy of the operation in the actual production, reduce useless. Many employees of the training highly recognized, known previously only know that bulkhead work. As for the operation process is according to the master taught, why do so, oneself also don't quite understand, only know how to its however not so natural; after this study, not only "know these", "know why", to improve productivity to have the help very much. 
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