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Enterprise culture

Corporate Culture Corporate values: innovation and development, pursuit of excellence. Our mission: to serve the country by developing the industry, and regard the revitalization of the national industry as out duty; create the brand for the purpose of repaying the society.
The overall objective: new products, great benefit, great contributions, beautiful environment, rich workers. Development goal: to create the "world-class technology".
Business philosophy: to win the market with integrity and exploit a market by innovation. Market philosophy: Today"s quality is tomorrow"s market, and corporate credit is an invisible market, and customer satisfaction is the eternal market.
Competition philosophy: The brave man will win in the event that two adversaries come upon each other, and the wise man will win in case of coming into such unavoidable confrontation. Management philosophy: on-site management - standardization; Quality management - standardization; Cost management - marketization; Marketing management – networked;
Integrated management – humanistic Quality philosophy: Making qualified products is our responsibility, and quality excellence is our contribution; No quality, no market; no integrity, no market sale; Brand marketing, overall arrangements, mutual benefit, and common development; adherence to the one center (users), reliance on two-class (products and services), and exertion of three types of power (faith + skills + willpower). Philosophy on talented people: the concept of valuing,selecting, cultivating and employing talented people
The concept of valuing talent: Talented people are the most valuable asset of an enterprise; enterprises provide their employees with opportunities and employees create wealth for their enterprises.
The concept of selecting talented people: It is necessary to employ the most required and the most practical talented people instead of employing the most senior or famous people.
The concept of cultivating talented people: Updating the thinking is better than replacing people; Be lenient in accepting talented people and give every attention to cultivating talented people; It is necessary to train both "economic people" and high-level "people with morals".
The concept of employing talented people: Seeking talented people sincerely and employing them practically;
The size of the stage for you depends on your ability.Corporate spirit: pioneering, innovation, pragmatism and dedication. Sense of team: one mind, united struggle; sincere cooperation, going forward hand in hand.
Sense of responsibility: Responsibility is extremely heavy, and faith is based on responsibility; responsibility is both the premise of corporate cooperation and the cornerstone of win-win partnership.
Sense of responsibility to employees: to put oneself in the position of employees and resolve their difficulties.
Sense of responsibility to shareholders: to be highly responsible and give long-term returns. Sense of responsibility to partners: mutual benefit, win-win cooperation and common development.
Sense of responsibility to society: to care for the nature and give reciprocation with every effort.Environmental policy: to comply with laws and regulations, save resources and energy, reduce pollution and make continuous improvement.
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